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The Engaging Kids & Marketing To Parents Conference was produced by Global Insight Conferences. If you would like to purchase the speaker presentations, available for £199, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email info@kidsandparentsconference.com for more information./p>

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Written By Youth Brands For Youth Brands: 1 Day, 26 Speakers: Hot Youth Trends & Behaviours ★ Winning Social Media ★ Harnessing Snapchat ★ Profitable Instagram ★ Digital & Social ★ Engagement & Content ★ Digital Channel Integration ★ Advertising & Targeting ★ Student Decision Making ★ Measurement ★ Customer Journey ★ Video Engagement ★ Brand Relaunch ★ Snapchat Youth Demo ★ Students Speak Out! ★ Vox Pops ★ Ask The Youth Clinics – Get First-Hand Feedback ★ Live Lounge – Live Demos With Young People

Boost Your Impact & Returns With The Latest Actionable Insights Into Changing Behaviours, Key Influences & Emerging Trends In Social Media, Channel Choice, Content, Customer Journeys & Advertising For Inspiring Marketing Campaigns To Engage Youth & Students

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  1. What’s In & What’s Out? Monetise Youth Trends & Behaviours: Keep up to speed with what is hot and what is not to profit from emerging opportunities
  2. Fast-Paced Social Media Strategies: Exploit insights into the latest youth social activities to maximise engagement with adaptive, cross-channel strategies
  3. Build Best-In-Class Snapchat Presence & Exploit The Full Potential Of Instagram: Drive ROI with hot content and engagement strategies
  4. Engage, Inspire & Excite With Insight-Led Content Strategies: Resonate with youth and students
  5. Impactful Digital Integration: Powerful and authentic comms aligned to the latest youth trends and online channel choices
  6. Harness Advertising & Targeting Opportunities: Exploring and exploiting the potential of paid social, programmatic, disruptive and digital advertising
  7. Quick, Simple & Cost-Effective Measurement Strategies? Demonstrate and optimise the value of your youth engagement campaigns
  8. Optimising Youth & Student Customer Journeys: Inspire young people on the path to purchase and create a seamless journey
  9. Make A Noise With Exciting Video Campaigns: Achieve maximum impact and reach
  10. Shaping Student Decision Making: Insights into student behaviours, purchasing habits, inspirations and social media activities for campaigns with influence

PLUS! This Engaging Youth Conference – Hot Trends & Insights Features:

      • 26 Senior Marketing & Brand Professionals From Iconic Youth Brands
      • 1 Compact Day
      • 99% Average Delegate Satisfaction Rating (based on last year’s event)
      • 83%+ Average Senior, Client-Side Audience (based on last year’s event)
      • Live Youth Clinic
      • Vox Pops Series
      • Submit Your Questions Directly To Young People!
      • 1 Double Perspectives: Advertising & Targeting
      • Keynote Case Studies From: Twitter, Vevo & Barclay’s LifeSkills
      • 7 Roundtable Discussions & Peer Brainstorming Exchanges: A) Tapping Into Mobile B) Music Industry Influences C) Working With Bloggers D) Measuring Youth Engagement E) Low-Budget Engagement Success F) Youth Fundraising G) The Future Of Print?
      • 2 Interactive Youth & Student’s Q&A Panels
      • 1 Emerging Trends & Behaviours Panel
      • 14 In-Depth Sessions Focused On Your Hottest Youth & Student Marketing Challenges
      • 2 Conference Chairman
      • 1 ‘Meet The Speakers’ Area
      • Facilitated Networking Hosts
      • Open Q&A


For more information on how to get involved in The Engaging Kids & Marketing To Parents Conference 2017, please email info@kidsandparentsconference.com.

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