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27 Brands In 1 Day Explore How To Monetise Trends & Engage Youth & Students With Fresh Strategies From The Likes Of ITV, Unilever, BBC, University Of York & River Island

Monetise Trends & Cut Through With Authentic, Inspiring Marketing To Engage Youth & Students: Unlock The Latest Youth & Student Trends, Insights & Spending Behaviours & Sky-Rocket Sales With Savvy Marketing & Social Media Strategies, Influencer Content, Video & Advertising Innovations.

A One-Day, Brand-Led, Practical Conference, 15th October 2019, Cavendish Conference Centre, Central London

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27 Cross-Sector Speakers Share Their Insights & Experiences Into How Brands & Higher Education Can Harness The Hottest Insights Into Youth & Student Behaviours, Habits & Values To Create Authentic Social Media & Digital Campaigns & Content That Drives Engagement With Youth Audiences:

  1. The Hot Youth & Student Trends, Insights & Behaviours Which Will Skyrocket Sales: Tap into the latest trends, key drivers and mindsets to remain relevant and unlock spend
  2. Stand-Out Social Media Strategies That Grab Attention! Keep pace with platform updates and youth preferences to ensure your social campaigns hit the mark and drive revenue
  3. Authentic, Relevant & Compelling Content: Innovative content strategies that engage youth and students and clearly impact the bottom line
  4. Unlock The Power Of Video: Practical insights to create eye-catching video content on any budget
  5. Cut Through With Powerful Influencer Campaigns: Harness authentic influencer-audience relationships to create value-driven partnerships
  6. Become First-Choice With Innovative Student Recruitment Strategies: Attract domestic and international students with engaging campaigns
  7. Future-Proof Your Instagram Content Strategy: Innovative formats to maximise your engagement and future-proof your Instagram content strategy
  8. Maximise ROI Through Optimum Channel Strategies: Ensure the success of your digital channel mix to drive engagement and returns
  9. Savvy Targeted Advertising & Paid Social Strategies: Best-practice advice to ensure you are achieving ROI and cut through to youth audiences

PLUS! This Engaging Youth Conference - Hot Trends & Insights Also Features:

  • 27 Market-Leading Youth & Student Brands Speaking In 1 Inspiring Day
  • Youth & Student Mythbusting! Direct feedback on the key questions you want answered!
  • Fresh & Innovative Ideas: Problem-solve with your peers!
  • Interactive Youth & Students Live Q&A
  • Dedicated Higher Education Stream & Innovation Breakouts
  • 7 Informal Peer Discussions: A) Conversions B) Small Budget, Big Reach! C) Creating Content With Students D) Youth Language & Communication E) Media Consumption F) Purpose-Based Marketing G) Ethics & Advertising
  • 5 Hot Topic Panels: Trends & Behaviours ✓ Social Media Q&A ✓ Student Recruitment ✓ Live Youth Q&A ✓ Ask Students Directly
  • 6th Annual Sell-Out Event 
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27 Marketing & Digital Directors Tackle Your Toughest Youth Marketing Challenges In 1 Day: Hot Trends & Behaviours • Social Media Strategies • Engaging Content • Youth Insights Panel • Innovative Video • Authentic Influencer Partnerships • Student Recruitment – HE Stream • Innovation Breakouts • Brand Stream • Instagram Success • Student Insights Panel • Targeted Advertising & Paid Social

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