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Our Partners

We are the World's Leading Independent Media Specialist for Children, Young People and Families. Our experience spans multiple sectors and territories with our mission being simple: to generate the best; the best for our clients’, company and community. With the scale and expertise to deliver market leading strategy, implementation and results through media, content and technology.



JazzyMediaIn-School is the UK's leading in-school communications specialist. Clients include government agencies (e.g. Department of Health), charities (National Trust, NSPCC), and brands and corporates (BBC, Penguin Random House, LEGO, Warner Brothers, Unilever).  

The company has a core network of 5,000 schools, colleges and nurseries who have granted JazzyMedia exclusive advertising rights.  This network reaches 1.8 million pupils and 60,000 teachers with a variety of media including poster displays, activity worksheets, competitions, vouchers, product samples, and online resources.    

Schools welcome JazzyMedia’s resources because they aid learning, save money, and brighten the school environment with positive messages.  Since its founding, JazzyMedia has generated £7 million for UK schools.  

JazzyMedia was founded by Winton Rossiter in 1997 and is based in London’s West End.



KidsKnowBest is a market-leading full stack communications consultancy devoted to shaping the future of how the big brands of tomorrow speak to the kids, youth and family audience. Everything we do is led by technology, data and insights, coupled with a human-centred design ethos, resulting in strategic, impactful and effective outcomes. We create change by taking a big qual approach to data and insights that allows brands including LEGO, Disney, Hasbro and many others to innovate, disrupt and ensure they are always at the forefront of the future consumers mind.


Are you a C-Suite executive with concerns about how your brand would cope with an online public relations disaster? Do you get nervous when considering what the financial and legal issues, as well as the reputational fallout, would mean for your company?

We’ve all witnessed it. You've only got to look at the recent online issues that both Halifax and Burger King experienced, for example. This is because, in our experience, brands still don’t spend enough time—or adequate budget —putting safety nets in place. That’s where StrawberrySocial can help.

We build clear online processes, guidelines and crisis workflows, then help to put them in place... ongoing. Our community management and moderation team are professionals with many years of experience, who can help your internal teams monitor your channels for risk and negativity. In addition to spotting signs of trouble and keeping your customers safe, we also signpost help for those who need it, train your inhouse team in best practice, provide emergency crisis cover and consultation. We also do a great line in influencer and partner due diligence. 

So, make online protection part of your marketing strategy so that your online presence can really shine.



SuperAwesome is building a safer internet for the next generation. The company’s kidtech platform enables safe, compliant digital engagement with kids and Young Teends around the world. SuperAwesome is used by hundreds of brands and thousands of developers to enable over 12.5B safe transactions every month. Founded in 2013, the company was acquired by Epic Games in 2020.