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Go VIRTUAL! 24 Brands Speaking. 1 Day. Your Toughest Kids Marketing Challenges Tackled For 2021! Virtual Tickets Available. For group discount prices, please call + 44 (0) 203 479 2299.

Hot Trends & Insights & Inspiring Marketing Campaigns To Engage Kids & Parents! Hit The Mark With Kids & Win Over Parents With Insight-Led, On-Trend, Engaging & Responsible & Compliant Social Media, Digital, Tech, Content & Multi-Channel Marketing To Strategies To Boost Conversions & Create Family-Favourite Brands  A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Virtual Event, 3rd February 2021, Virtually

08.30 Login & Explore The Virtual Platform

09.00 Chair’s Opening Remarks

Nancy Twynam, UK Marketing & Brand Director, BBC Studios

Kids' Trends & Insights

09.10 What Do Kids Really Want? Understand Kids’ Trends & Insights To Ignite Your Campaigns, Remain Relevant, Add Excitement & Ultimately Put Your Brand On Top Of The Wishlist

  • Can you anticipate what is the next talk of the playground? What is the Fortnite, L.O.L Surprise! or Tamagotchi of 2020?
  • How can you tap into what kids really value, how they spend their free time and pocket money and deep dive into different drivers for different age groups from under 8s to 9-12 to 13+?
  • Family, friends, teachers, media, environment – exploring the different influences on kids choices today and over the next 12 months
  • Leverage emerging trends for captivating campaigns and fly-off-the-shelves products which accurately reflect what kids really want"

Christine Phillips, Director of Marketing & Communications, The Children's Society

Responsible Marketing To Kids

09.35 Live Q&A With Cadbury Discussing Ethical & Responsible Marketing To Kids

Claire Low, Marketing Activation Director, Cadbury

Kids On Social Media Today

10.00 Children & Social Media: Risks & Rewards

Craft Exciting & Responsible Social Media Strategies & Interactive Content & Messaging To Engage With Teens & Kids On Age-Appropriate Platforms

  • Out with the old, in with the new? How can brands go about using different social media platforms such as TikTok, PopJam and YouTube Kids to deliver engaging content for kids safely and effectively?
  • Tailor content for platform-specific and age-appropriate social media strategies which remain innovative, interactive and engaging
  • Instagram, Snapchat, even Facebook! Innovate existing social media platforms to keep up with teens today

Helenor Gilmour, Director of Insight, Beano Studios

Pete Maginn, Director of Insight, Beano Studios

10.25 Morning Break With Informal Networking

The Fandom Economy

10.55 The Fandom Economy: Support your fans, so they support you.

  • Whilst fandom has always been a huge driving force behind long-term engagement as well as commercial success, D2C platforms are allowing unprecedented levels of connection and participation to the fans.
  • Can fandom be nurtured, and what are the strategies to do that? What is the value and ROI in doing so?
  • What are the trends in the fandom economy, and how do they apply to children and families? And what does BTS have to do with it all?!
  • We’ll present the KI Fandom Model, which offers support on multiple levels to those brands seeking to understand how to create fans.

Gary Pope, CEO, Co-Founder, Kids Industries

Kids Unravel The Secrets!

11.10 Hear From Our Panel Of Schoolchildren To Get The Latest Gossip & See If Your Brand Is Keeping Up To Date With The Latest Trends!

Family Trends & Insights - Q&A Panel

11.40 Get Smiles All Round From Kids, Parents & Grandparents Alike By Harnessing Family Trends To Ensure Your Brand Is Appealing To All Generations, Guaranteeing Long-Term Loyalty

  • There is not one standard family portrait! Explore the variety of modern-day family make-ups, income brackets, parental ages and family values to paint a picture of all the families out there
  • The right tone, content and messages to achieve a brand which appeals to two or three different generations
  • It’s been a very Covid Christmas… Festive family activities changed dramatically in 2020. How are families adapting to the new normal, the redefinition of quality time and what can you do to capitalise on new trends?

Michael Swaisland, Head of Insights EMEA, Mattel Inc


Will Speer, Head of Magic Star, Sony Music Entertainment

John Collins, Commercial Brand & Licensing Development Director, HarperCollins Children’s Books

Gemma Sherrington, Executive Director of Fundraising & Marketing, Save The Children UK

Daniel Mills, Head Of Autumn Children’s Publishing, Bonnier Books

Education... Education!

12.10 Going Where The Kids Go

Winton Rossiter, Managing Director, Jazzy Media

12.25 Lunch Break

Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

12.50 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Factual Content & Engagement

Daniel Mills, Head of Autumn Children's Publishing, Bonnier Book

B) Engaging Schools

Sarah Lough, Children's Marketing Manager, Faber & Faber

C) Healthy Food Trends

D) Millennial Parents

Nicola Jenkins, Good App Guide

13.25 Chair's Afternoon Opening Remarks

Florence Symington, Head of Marketing, Eureka! The National Children's Museum

Parents On Social Media

13.35 Win Parents Over On Social Media With Savvy Strategies Which Target Different Demographics, Harness Influencer Marketing & Deliver Engagement & Sales-Boosting Content

  • Select the right social media platforms to advance your online engagement with parents and improve targeting based on background, childrens ages and interests
  • Communication is key! Tailor-made social media messages to target specific demographics of parents and enhance brand loyalty
  • Explore the role of influencer marketing in reaching and engaging parents; where does and doesn’t this generate high impact?
  • Measuring success! Assess parents social media engagement levels and determine channel ROI to inform future strategies"

Kristina Stephens, Project Manager - Behaviour Change, NSPCC

Stephen Nutt, Head of Strategic Projects & Communications (Partnerships),NSPCC


The Pineapple Lounge: Play Will Save Us All!

14.00 Play Will Save Us All!

How staying playful in a pandemic has put play back at the heart of family life.   

Emma Worrollo, Founder, Pineapple Lounge

Parents Trends & Insights

14.15 Open The Gate For The Gatekeeper! Insights Into Parents & Parenting Today To Understand Purchasing Drivers, Trust & Expectations & Propel Brand Awareness, Engagement & Sales

  • Key insights into how kids can be a marketeer’s secret weapon
  • What makes or breaks parental trust and where do their boundaries lie? Navigating changing expectations for trust-enhancing, engaging comms which position you as their "go to" brand
  • As Covid erodes the boundaries of work and home, what lessons can be learned from the increased face time between parents & kids at home?
  • Positive pester power! Explore to what extent kids influence family purchases – and how your brand can pivot to profit from this

Sarah Koppens, Marketing Director, Birds Eye, Goodfellas & Aunt Bessies, UK


14.40 Future-Ready Channel Strategies Which Embrace Digital & Traditional Opportunities For Engaging, Profitable Comms On Every Platform

  • From conventional to consumer driven, pay attention to where kids and parents consume media, interact with brands and make purchases to determine where to focus resources
  • TV to Netflix, print magazines to blogs, emails to social media competitions; what are the cues to look out for to determine when or if to revolutionise strategies and balance existing traditional channels with emerging technologies?
  • Measure the impact of a multi-tier marketing approach to ensure every channel is pulling its weight"

Mark Blackburn, Director of Media Management, Global Marketing Planning & Media,LEGO

15.05 Afternoon Break

The Boys Are Back In Town

15.35 The Boys Are Back In Town

In 2016 Platypus conducted in depth research which delved into the lives and stereotypes held about boys.

From over 1000 surveys and face to face interviews with boys aged 4-13, we found that boys are subject to harmful stereotypes that were restricting their beliefs and behaviours.  Indirectly, the portrayal of men and the role models they were influenced by were reinforcing these stereotypes.

Four years later and a lot has happened in the world, but has this impacted on boys and girls views of themselves and of each other?  Has media evolved to better meet boy’s needs to address both sides of the gender stereotype coin?  What and who are most influential on forming these opinions and how much further do we need to go in balancing out the equation?

In our talk you will learn the answers to these questions and more from our latest 2021 research with 6-13 year olds.

Joanne Cliff, Managing Director, Platypus Research

Content & Branding

15.50 Create A Buzz & Generate Long-Term Brand Engagement With Stand-Out, Exciting, Sales-Boosting Content & Branding

  • Fuel excitement and create a buzz with creative, fresh, fun content and video for marketing campaigns which inspire action and purchases
  • The challenges of creating targeted content which matches an audience which is always changing and growing up!
  • What, where, who and when? Adjusting tone, content and platform to craft impactful and engaging comms which appeal to kids and parents alike

Esra Cafer, SVP, Global Brand Management, eOne

Content Is King - Q&A Panel

16.15 Content Is King! Practical Advice & Lessons Learnt For Picture Perfect Content Which Engages Kids & Parents

  • Fuel excitement and create a buzz with creative, fresh, fun content and video for marketing campaigns which inspire action and purchases
  • The challenges of creating targeted content which matches an audience which is always changing and growing up!
  • What, where, who and when? Adjusting tone, content and platform to craft impactful and engaging comms which appeal to kids and parents alike

Jo Trigg, Director of Communications & Engagement, Royal Academy of Engineering

Esra Cafer, SVP, Global Brand Management, eOne

Marianne McGoldrick, Sales & Marketing Director Legoland Windsor Resort, Merlin Entertainments

Joshua Davidson, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Night Zookeeper

Victoria Millar, Programme Development Director, EVERFI

Jelena Stosic, Strategy Director, Kids Industries

16.45 Chair's Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Florence Symington, Head of Marketing, Eureka! The National Children's Museum