A One-Day, European Industry-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, 1 America Square, London, 11 October 2023

8th Annual
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Engage Kids, Impress Parents & Connect Families

Dominate The Market, Outshine Competition & Remain Relevant In 2024 & Beyond With The Latest Trends, Insights, Fads & Crazes

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Tom Austin Niel, Head of Brand & Social, Penguin Random House

Will Speer, Managing Director, Magic Star, Sony

Kids Insights & Trends

09.10 What’s Hot & What’s Not? Immerse Yourself In The Latest Kids Trends & Behaviour Insights To Dominate The Market, Stand Out From Competition & Remain Relevant In 2024 & Beyond

  • Stay ahead of the curve! When it comes to kids’ interests and behaviours, what can today’s trends tell us about tomorrow’s possibilities?
  • What’s the word in the playground? From health trends to sustainability, maximise data insights and translate findings to understand what really matters to kids today and how your brand can accurately reflect this.
  • What outside influences are shaping kids’ worlds and informing what they choose to engage with? Deep-dive into up-to-the-minute research and fresh insights in order to develop compelling campaigns which really hit the mark.

Kids Q&A

09.30 Ask The Children Themselves! This Is Your Chance To Quiz Our Panel Of Schoolchildren From Toys & Trends To Climate & Wellbeing

Engaging Kids Online

10.00 Leverage The Latest Insights & Avoid Common Pitfalls To Power Online Success & Engage Even The Shortest Attention Spans In A Safe & Protected Online Environment

  • It’s time to get creative! In an age where kids are bombarded with content, and attention spans are shorter than ever, how can you make sure your brand stands out? When the next video comes along, how can you ensure kids still remember yours?
  • Maintain transparent, honest and ethical communications, with content that is fun for kids yet trustworthy for parents in order to ensure the online space remains safe and protected for kids today and in the future.
  • Young adults – avoid talking down to teenagers by understanding the different online platforms they are drawn to, and what works where.
  • From games to social media, identify opportunities for punchy high-impact campaigns with huge ROI potential.

10.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

10.50 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Parents Insights & Trends - Double Perspective

11.20 Be What The Kids Love & The Parents Approve! Obtain Critical Insights Around Parent Behaviours Today To Remain Reactive To Their Needs & Proactive In Responding To Them

  • Get to know your dual audience! Go beyond pester power to develop effective two-pronged campaigns which keep parents as engaged with your brand as their kids are.
  • Who do you focus on? Is it the parents, is it the kids? Is it the parents through the kids? Debate and discuss where the power truly lies and how you can hit the mark with the marketing tools and strategies guaranteed to succeed.
  • Explore critical parent shopper data and spending trends to create efficient techniques which maximise parents’ purchasing interest and long-term revenue boosts.
  • What are the modern world’s primary parenting pressures? Analyse what truly matters to parents and capitalise on the trends, now and in the future, to ensure brand loyalty from the ones with real purchasing power.

11.20 Perspective 1:

Heather Welch, International Brand Manager, Edx Education

11.40 Perspective 2:

Joe Jaques, Chief Commercial Officer, Jaques of London

Kate Luke, Head of Brand & Marketing, Jaques of London

Parents Q&A

12.00 Be In The Room Where It Happens! This Is Your Chance To Quiz Our Panel Of Parents From Values & Trust To Purchasing Motives & Brand Loyalty As They Reveal All

Resonate With Parents On Social

12.20 From Decision-Making Drivers & Pressing Priorities Resonate With Parents On Social Media With Captivating Content & Engaging Approaches Guaranteed To Boost Brand Success

  • Don’t waste the perfect message on the wrong audience! Identify the key drivers and demographics behind each social media platform to know where your campaigns and content are best deployed for parents today.
  • How influential are today’s influencers? Assess impact and engagement to better understand the role of influencers in today’s marketplace, their limitations, and the effects they can, and cannot, generate.
  • Every word counts! Avoid generic ads that parents have seen a thousand times before – learn how carefully tailored messaging can speak directly to consumers and boost revenue.

12.50 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.50 Afternoon Co-Chair’s Opening Remarks

Dominique Fennell, Head of Product, Ickle Bubba

David Henry Abbott, Director of Marketing, Silver Cross Ltd

Family Trends & Insights

14.00 It’s All About Experiences, Play-For-All & Family Time! Tap Into The Family Feel-Good Factor With Brand Appeal Which Spans Generations & Has Something For Everyone

  • One size doesn’t fit all! The classic nuclear family portrait is out of place in the modern landscape – promote diversity and inclusivity at all levels to reflect the wide range of family dynamics today.
  • Encourage interactivity, discussion and shared enjoyment with content that doesn’t compartmentalise but brings whole families together in order to deliver lasting family memories.
  • The Pixar effect! Explore how one campaign can generate cross-generational appeal, with streamlined storytelling and messaging with multi-level meaning.
  • Gift-giving seasons recur throughout the year, so how can you best leverage online opportunities to put your brand at the forefront of shoppers’ minds?

Leah Widdicombe, External Affairs Manager, Girlguiding

Jon Kell, Global Marketing Director, Yoto

Justine Lee, Head of Marketing, BookTrust

Joe Jaques, Chief Commercial Officer, Jaques of London

James Lomax, Fruit Shoot Brand Lead, Britvic

Internal Communication & Engagement Through Uncertainty

14.40 Showcase Success On Social By Creating Brand Presence Which Is Entertaining, Interactive & Authentic To Boost Recognition, Engagement, Trust & Inspire Purchasing

  • Investigate the relative strengths of different social streams to steer your content to where it will have most impact, and avoid using your hard-won efforts on the wrong channel.
  • How can data analytics inform you about measurable engagement and direct social-media-to-sales ROI? What are the facts and figures behind the speculation?
  • Maximise views! Create content campaigns that are consistent, memorable and shareable to remain relevant and topical, generating genuine enthusiasm and proactive promotion in an oversaturated marketplace.

Sarah Owen, Senior Head of Marketing – BBC Children’s, Education & Charities, BBC

Digital Innovations: Tech, VR & AI


15.00 New Tech Is King! Thrive In The Digital World With Next-Level Engagement, Tech-Savvy Strategies & Tailored Content For Kids & Parents Alike

  • Opportunities, challenges and risks… with AI and VR developing more rapidly than ever, what opportunities do they provide? What are the challenges to overcome, and where do the potential risks lie?
  • Empower and protect! Explore how safeguarding measures can be best utilised to keep children protected with concrete safeguarding plans. 
  • Creative and eye-catching solutions for implementing fresh tech in kids’ engagement to capture their attentions, fire their imaginations and energise their creativity.

15.00 Perspective 1:

Mahesh Ramachandra, VP Digital Preschool, Wizards of the Coast

15.20 Perspective 2:

 Howard, Executive Product Manager, BBC

15.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

16.10 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Channels, Content & Conversions

16.40 Turn Heads & Makes Waves With Attention-Grabbing Content On The Right Channels At The Right Time To Convert Views Into Sales & Drive Conversion Rates

  • The new online watercooler! How can you create that perfect short which parents and kids alike can’t wait to share with their friends?
  • What are the latest online crazes? If they cannot be predicted, how can you react in a swift and timely manner to share the spotlight before it’s old news?
  • Multichannel mastery – from YouTube and TikTok to podcasts and music, explore how a cross-channel approach can elevate brand recognition and add up to more than the sum of its parts.
  • With the fast-moving pace of the online world, where one ad is immediately followed by another, how can you retain long-term engagement and convert views to sales and drive brand loyalty?

Joshua Davidson, Founder & Managing Director, Night Zookeeper

Kate Luke, Head of Brand & Marketing, Jaques of London

Responsible Digital Engagement

17.00 Prioritise Safeguarding Measures To Keep Content & Communications Compliant, Ensure Reputational Strength & Secure Critical Parental Trust

  • How far is too far? Some violations might be obvious but others can be harder to spot… keep up-to-date with the latest regulations and best practices to ensure compliance at all costs and avoid losing critical parental trust.
  • Limits don’t have to be a negative! Explore kids’ and parents’ mindsets to fuel innovative and imaginative marketing solutions which excite and inspire without crossing safety boundaries.
  • Bust myths around tech, alleviate parents digital woes, increase their confidence in your online presence and propel your digital strategies forward with the latest advancements and fresh insights.

Monika Oomen, VP Brand, Communications & Digital Content Strategy Kids EMEA, Warner Bros Discovery


The Green Generation

17.20 Harness The Power Of Sustainability To Stay Socially-Conscious, Environmentally-Friendly & Secure Critical Brand Loyalty & Trust

  • Protect their world! With kids (and parents) more sustainability-conscious than ever, capitalise on green trends to promote satisfying, rewarding and guilt-free engagement.
  • From recyclable materials and packaging to “pre-loved” items and the circular economy, how will the environmental concerns of today shape the business practices of the future?
  • Eliminate the risk of greenwashing! How can brands promote their green achievements in a way that’s clear, concise and most importantly, quantifiable?
  • Take the next steps… how can you got even further and actually educate kids about steps you’re taking and the steps they can take themselves for maximum impact?

17.40 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close of Conference

David Henry Abbott, Director of Marketing, Silver Cross Ltd

Dominique Fennell, Head of Product, Ickle Bubba