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25 Brands. 1 Day. Your Toughest Kids Marketing Challenges Tackled!

Conversion-Boosting Social Media, Impactful Content, Exciting Marketing: Win Over Parents & Engage Kids With Trend-Led Insights

Reach & Resonate With Children, Meet Parental Needs & Expectations With Engaging, Insight-Led & Responsible Social, Content, Video, Technology & Channel Strategies To Boost Brand Success

One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 22nd May 2018, Minster Exchange, London. 08.30 Registration – Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome & Chair’s Opening Remarks
Ian Watson
Start-rite Shoes


09.15 Discover The Hottest Trends In Children’s Changing Media Consumption Habits, Purchasing Behaviours & Mindsets To Create Campaigns Which Excite & Engage

  • Get into today’s kids’ mindsets; understand how they play, spend their time and what their favourites actually are to align your products
  • What is changing with kids? Get up to speed with what is topical and relevant for kids to tap into key trends
  • Discover how kids are consuming media and where they are spending their time in the digital world
  • How is technology altering the way kids find out about products and buy things, and what are the differences in age groups?

Speaker to be announced. Please check the website for updates.

Interactive Kids Q&A Panel

09.35 Get your questions answered direct from our ever-forthright and opinionated panel of schoolchildren! Hear their honest thoughts and feedback to understand if you are actually reaching and engaging your target audience.


10.00 Understand What Parents Like, Dislike & What Affects Decision Making For Brand Strategies That Tap Into Family Insights, Engage Parents & Sell

  • How do the parents of today’s kids consume media and where do they look for their information? Tap into parents’ consumption habits on digital, mobile and instore to effectively power your communications
  • Gain greater insight into the range of factors affecting parents’ decision making and understand how much kids play an influencing role
  • What do parents want from brands? Get to grips with how important the educational aspect of toys and activities is to parents vs. play and fun

Caroline Sanger-Davies
Director of Marketing
Chester Zoo

10.20 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Live One-On-One Kids & Parents Facetime

Are your campaigns and products engaging and resonating with today’s modern family? Your chance to chat directly to parents and kids to get your specific questions answered in this new one-on-one format!

Parents Speak Out!

10.50 Get to know exactly what Mums, Dads and gatekeepers think of brand campaigns, products and activities– are you speaking the right language, gaining trust and hitting the right mark for the most important decision makers?

Case Study

Understanding Families - The Truth Behind the Statistics
Lynne and Paul will be joined by a group of parents from The Family Panel to talk about the current views and behaviours that will impact the ways brands approach, understand and provide solutions for their consumers.

Lynne Barcoe
Head of Insight

Humanise/The Family Panel

Paul Coleman
Head of Innovation

Humanise/The Family Panel

Case Study

How To Stop Being Ignored By Parents
This session will look at what is grabbing the attention of parents, what is being ignored and how to attract their attention by working from the inside out, making your message more authentic and more trusted.

Nicola Simpson
Head Looper

The Family Loop


11.15 Take Your Social Media Strategy To The Next Level With Insights Into Winning Content, Platforms & Upcoming Innovations To Engage Kids With Exciting, Yet Compliant, Social Media Messages

  • Best-practice ideas and inspiration on creating engaging content and campaigns which reach and resonate with kids to boost your social strategy and gain new followers
  • YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram?! Ensure you are focusing your efforts on the right social channels to engage kids and how they differ by age group
  • From YouTube Kids to Popjam: what are the new, burgeoning social media developments and platforms we need to know about?
  • Avoid disaster! Gain clarity on exactly what you can and can’t do on social media in regards to reaching kids to ensure you adhere to the legal regulations

11.15 Samantha Fay
SVP Global Brand Strategy
Guinness World Records

11.35 Jannine Saunders
Marketing Manager
Penguin Random House Children’s


11.55 Drive Social Media Success & Win Parents As Brand Advocates With Carefully-Tailored & Strategic Engagement & Communications

  • Has anyone cracked parents on social? Adapting your strategy to target and reach parents
  • How can we better engage with parents in the right way to boost reach, loyalty and brand awareness?
  • Understanding how to create tailored, interesting content that meets their needs and win them, and their kids, over

11.55 Sally Thornhill
Senior Content Producer
CBeebies Social HQ

12.15 Annalisa Fanali, Senior Brand
Manager Fish Fingers
Birds Eye Ltd


12.35 Building A Kids Brand That Resonates With Kids & Parents Alike
Delighting kids and garnering the support of gatekeepers is seen as a choice. But what if it was a false choice? Being a cult-kids brand and Mums’ favourite is not only possible, it’s essential to winning today. What we have learned about threading the needle to be championed by kids and Mums alike…

Charlotte White
Global Marketing Controller, Fruit Shoot
Britvic PLC

12.55 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.30 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Influencing Parents As Purchasers’
Nicola Jenkins
Head of UKI Marketing
Tomy UK

B) Influencers
Sinead Byrne
Joint Head of Marketing
Smyths Toys Superstores

C) Successful Brand Partnerships
Jon Fish
Group Partnerships Director
Merlin Entertainments

D) International Marketing & Brand Culture
Anna Howorth, Director of Global
Branding & UK Marketing
Usborne Publishing

E) Insights Into Attitudes & Decision Making By 13-16 Year Olds
Daniel Rossall Valentine
Head of Campaign
Royal Academy of Engineering

F) Insights Into Birthdays, Occasions & Gifting – A Look At Age Appropriateness & Gender Stereotyping
Michael O’Shea
Founder & Director
Wicked Uncle Toys

13.55 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks
Hans Helbig
Global Head of Digital Marketing
Reckitt Benckiser


14.00 Is TV Dead? Will Video Conquer All? Adapt Your Marketing Strategy For Changing Video Consumption Habits For Stand-Out Advertising Content

  • How do you counteract the decline in linear TV viewing and should we still allocate budget to TV adverts?
  • How are parents and kids watching video now? From social media to streaming, where should we be refocusing efforts and investments?
  • Create captivating, engaging adverts and content on a very tight budget which reaches and engages parents and kids on social media, YouTube and TV

Florence Symington
Head of Marketing
Eureka! The National Children’s Museum


14.20 Insights Into How Traditional Linear TV & Platforms Like YouTube Can Complement Each Other To Reach & Engage Kids
Neil Warwick
Online Creative Producer & Channel Manager


14.40 Create Stand-Out, Engaging Content To Win Fans, Gain Family Buy-In & Boost Brand Success

  • Shake up your content strategy to deliver stand-out communications and campaigns with new, exciting and creative ideas
  • Not content for content’s sake! Top tips to achieve true emotional and authentic engagement for long-term, loyal fans and brand supporters
  • What, where and when? Create the right content for the most effective platforms to reach the right audience when they want to be reached
  • Ensure your content appeals to younger kids, tweens, teens and parents alike with top tips on adjusting your content and tone accordingly

14.40 Amanda Warren
Brand Development Strategist

15.00 Hind Palmer
Global Marketing & Communications Director
Claire’s Inc.

15.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner. To get involved in The Engaging Kids & Marketing To Parents Conference, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email partner@kidsandparentsconference.com.

15.40 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.00 What Mars, Walt Disney and LEGOLAND all have in common in their approach to delivering compelling marketing campaigns to families; gain some insights and lessons learned into some unchanging fundamentals in a world of mind-boggling change.
Speaker TBC


16.20 Refine Your Channel Mix To Ensure Campaigns & Messages Are Reaching Kids & Parents Alike For Greater ROI & Conversions

  • With a multitude of channels where Mums and Dads could spend their time, hear insights into the most successful platforms and apps to target and reach parents for greater conversions
  • With kids’ media consumption habits changing so quickly, what are the best platforms to make them aware and excited about you?
  • Tailoring your channel selection to ensure you are reaching different age groups with the right campaigns
  • Top tips and methods to accurately track and measure the success and ROI of your channel mix for astute channel investment in the future

Kathleen Farrar
Managing Director - Group Sales & Marketing
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc


16.40 Keep Up With The Kids & Don’t Get Left Behind! Practically Harness The New Technologies & Digital Innovations Impacting & Influencing Kids Now

  • What impact has new technology and digital advances had on children’s media consumption, playtime and leisure habits?
  • Debating if VR and AR are likely to take off for the tween and teens market and if they provide a realistic, safe option for engaging kids in new, exciting ways
  • A look to the future; what is in store for us in terms of new technology and digital innovations, what do the next ten years hold?
  • With the rise of voice activation, how are the likes of Amazon Echo and Siri affecting the purchasing landscape? Has online overtaken instore as king?

Devia Gurjar
Director of Marketing & Communications

Adrian Dawe

Joshua Davidson
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Night Zookeeper

Giancarlo Bernini
Senior Director Marketing & Commercial Operations
WWE International Ltd


17.10 Ensuring You Are Reaching & Engaging Children In Safe Ways & Adhering To The Rules On Digital

  • When and where is it appropriate to engage kids in the digital sphere for ethical yet engaging content?
  • What are the recent updates in legal regulations both in the UK and further afield that we need to be aware of for compliant digital strategies?
  • Best-practice advice and examples of innovative, advanced campaigns that stand out on digital platforms whilst remaining responsible to avoid negative repercussions from parents

Iain Sawbridge
Beano Studios

17.30 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Please check the website regularly for updates and newly confirmed speakers. For more information on how to get involved in The Engaging Kids & Marketing To Parents Conference, please email info@kidsandparentsconference.com.