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In 1 Day, Discover How 18 Kids Brands Are Engaging Kids & Winning Over Parents With The Latest Trend-Led Insights!

Trend-Led Content & Campaigns For Conversion-Boosting Marketing Strategies Which
Engage Kids & Exceed Parents’ Expectations:
Keep Pace With Evolving Kids, Parents & Family Trends & Insights As Gen Z Hands Over To Generation Alpha To Power Social Media Marketing & Agile Multi-Channel & Digital Strategies To Remain Relevant With Responsible, Cutting-Edge Content & Boost Brand & Product Success. Group Discounts Available - Send 4 For 3! 

The 6th Annual, One-Day Conference & Virtual Event, 12th October 2021, Central London OR Virtually. @KidParentConf

08.50 Log In & Explore The Virtual Platform

08.55 GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks


09.10 Understand Changes In The Family Dynamic & Ensure Your Brand Speaks To The Whole Family For Ultimate Cut Through, Engagement & Long-Term Brand Loyalty

  • No two families look the same! Ensure communications are inclusive for campaigns that land and resonate with all families
  • How have families adapted to the “new normal”, and what have you done to benefit from on these ongoing trends?
  • How can you create the right content, tone and ultimately brand, that appeals to different generations within the family?

Michael Swaisland, Head of Insights EMEA, Mattel

Samuel Davidson, Marketing Director, Night Zookeeper (Wonky Star Ltd)

Lydia Sharkey, Marketing Manager, BeWILDerwood Cheshire

Alice Flannery, Audience Insight Manager, Penguin Random House


09.40 How Are Kids Really Feeling Post-Pandemic? Harness Research Into Kids Insights, Trends & Behaviours To Inform Future Campaigns, Remain Relevant & Keep Your Brand At The Top Of The Wishlist

  • After a year of constant change in children’s lives, what does the research tell us about speaking to kids and parents in 2022? Which trends could be here to stay?
  • Based on insights, research and feedback, what are the trends and topics that matter most to kids and how can we incorporate that into future campaigns?
  • parents, friends, media… what are the biggest influences on kids today?

Nicholas Brookes, Head of Marketing, Global Publishing, Guinness World Records


10.00 Get Parents On Board With Your Brand Through Effective & Reassuring Social Media Communications Which Drive Engagement & Brand Success

  • Select the right social media platforms to advance your online engagement with parents and improve targeting based on background, children’s ages and interests
  • Explore the role of influencer marketing in reaching and engaging parents; where does and doesn’t this generate high impact?
  • Engagement, sales, likes: assess parents’ social media engagement levels and determine channel ROI to inform future strategies

Lauren Haxell, Global Social Media Director, Family Brands, eOne


10.20 Understand Changes In Parental Trends, Purchasing Drivers & Expectations Post-Covid To Propel Brand Awareness, Trust & Sales & Really Hit The Mark With Parents

  • From home schooling to social distancing, how has the pandemic affected parenting? How will these trends progress into 2022?
  • Maintain parental trust and consistently exceed expectations for long-term brand advocates - Pester power! Explore to what extent it is kids or parents who dictate the family purchases – and how can brands capitalise on this?
  • Foster brand awareness, engagement and sales with targeted content, channels and campaigns which resonate with your parent audience

Speaker to be announced, please check the website for details.

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

KIDS ON SOCIAL MEDIA - Double Perspective

11.10 Craft Captivating Yet Responsible Social Media Strategies & Interactive Content To Engage With Teens & Kids On Age-Appropriate Platforms

  • From TikTok to Popjam… What’s next? Investigate the latest platforms and how to best incorporate them into your channel mix to grab kids’ attention
  • Tailor content for platform-specific and age-appropriate social media strategies which remain innovative, interactive and engaging
  • It’s no secret there’s been a rise in teen screen time and social media use during the pandemic… ensure you’re continually innovating existing social media strategies to keep up with the demand

11.10 Perspective One
Sinead Camps, Digital Engagement Manager, WWF-UK

11.30 Perspective Two
Katie Chubb, Brand & Social Media Manager, OKdo (Raspberry Pi)

11.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email


12.20 Ask Our Interactive Panel Of Schoolchildren Anything!

  • What do they really think of your brand? What is most important to them?
  • How has the last year of disruption made them feel?

12.50 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


A) Children’s Mental Health
Steve Leonard, Head of Marketing, Alder Hey Children’s Charity NHS Foundation Trust

Lisa Cooper, Director of Community & Mental Health Services, Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

B) Days Out
Nathan Crouch, Head of Marketing & Communications, Canterbury Cathedral

C) Sustainability
Dawn Spencer, Marketing, Innovation & Sustainability Director GB&I, Kerry Foods

13.50 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks


13.55 Quiz Our Panel Of Parents Directly About What They Think!

What is most important for their family, which brands they trust and what attracts them to a brand!


14.25 Ensure You Are Up-To-Date With The Latest Regulations For Compliant Communications Which Safeguard Kids & Build Parental Trust 

  • How do you define what "responsible" marketing to children looks like, and how do you navigate parents' sentiments to guide your moral compass?
  • Remain compliant and future proof your communications by keeping up with the latest regulation changes and guidance
  • Understand which platforms and channels provide the greatest levels of safeguarding and prioritise the wellbeing and mental health of children across all communications

Speaker to be announced, please check the website for updates.


14.45 Succeed In Our New Online World With Fit-For-Future Digital Strategies & Technology Innovations To Consistently Engage Kids

  • Digital trends have accelerated at a rapid pace during these unprecedented times… but what opportunities has this created? How were you able to ensure your digital strategy kept up?
  • With more kids online than ever before, ensure you are providing maximum protection for kids to be able to engage with their favourite brands online – safely
  • From AI to Alexa: where should kids marketeers be looking for the next big digital innovation

14.45 Perspective One
Robbie McCawley, Director, Marketing Strategy, Electronic Arts

15.05 Perspective Two
Alister Morgan, Director of Data & Insight, Acamar Films


15.25 Center Parcs Insights!
Scott Ward, Senior Retention Marketing Manager, Center Parcs

15.55 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.25 Perfect The Marketing Mix With Refreshed Channel Strategies That Reflect The Digital Acceleration With Seamlessly Integrated, Engaging Communications Across Every Platform 

  • Get to grips with how kids and parents currently consume media, interact with brands and make purchases to determine where to focus resources
  • Social media, blogs, TV, streaming platforms, video… with so many channels to choose from, how can you create a strategy that seamlessly blends them all together?
  • Capture the impact of your channel mix with up-to-date metrics and analytics that demonstrate both success and room for improvement

Speaker to be announced


16.45 Content Is King! Practical Advice & Lessons Learnt For Stand-Out, Authentic Content & Branding Which Engages Both Kids & Parents

  • How have you perfected your tone and message to craft impactful and engaging communications which create a buzz with kids and resonate with parents?
  • How have you sought to overcome the challenges of creating targeted content which matches an audience that is constantly changing and growing up?
  • Engaging branding to achieve ultimate cut-through through unprecedented times for long-term brand advocates

Samuel Davidson, Marketing Director, Night Zookeeper (Wonky Star Ltd)

Robbie McCawley, Director, Marketing Strategy, Electronic Arts

Abby Worth, Head of Copy & Content, Wonderbly Books

Sarah Woods, Director of Fundraising & Marketing, Starlight Children's Foundation

Melody Small, Head of Brand, Content & Campaigns, My 1st Years

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