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16 Kids Brands Present Their Latest Strategies In 1 Inspiring Day: Keep Pace With Mile-A-Minute Trends & Evolving Digital Opportunities To Unlock New Methods To Engage & Excite Kids & Win Over Parents! 

Overcome Digital Strategy Growing Pains With Successful, Engaging & Compliant Social Media & Digital Channel Strategies • Remain Relevant With Big-Picture Issues • Boost Conversions With Shareable, Clickable & Likeable Content To Solidify Your Brand As A Family Favourite

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 11th October 2022 Central London. Group Discounts - Book 4 For 3! 

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Will Speer, Head of Magic Star, Sony Music Entertainment


09.30 Deep-Dive Into The Latest Kids Trends & Behaviours To Remain Relevant & Stand Out In The Market

  • From toddlers to teenagers, what are the macro trends we are seeing emerging? And how are we differentiating strategies based on more than just age?
  • How are kids’ behaviours, interests and expectations changing in a post-pandemic landscape?
  • How can we accurately translate trends, feedback and demographic insights into actionable product and campaign strategies? Especially when trends can change overnight?
  • Body image, climate change, politics… what are the hottest topics concerning kids today and how can you adapt and innovate future products and campaigns for meaningful engagement which resonates?

Amanda Azeez, Director of Communications, Marketing & Fundraising, Girlguiding


09.30 Our Panel Of Schoolchildren For Their Honest Opinions About Future Trends

  • Find out what truly matters in the playground! What’s cool and what’s school? How do kids really feel about climate change? The biggest trends and toys? Your branding and products? Don’t hold back because they won’t!


10.00 New Digital Frontiers? Explore Exactly How New Digital Tools Can Further Your Online Strategies For Next-Level Engagement With Younger Audiences

  • Excite and engage young audiences with the latest advancements in tech to refresh and propel your digital strategy to the next level!
  • How can you communicate to ‘digital immigrant’ parents what ‘digital native’ kids intuitively know, to dispel fears and educate on safe usage?
  • Embed accessibility and inclusivity into your digital design from day dot
  • “Technology hinders kids’ social interaction”, “children and technology shouldn’t mix” …: Bust myths around tech to alleviate parent’s digital woes and increase their confidence in your brand online
  • To what extent has linear TV disappeared from kids’ routines? From YouTube to on-demand content and subscription services, which digital channels and platforms best reach your target audience and deliver digital ROI?

Ben Thomson, Head of Storytelling, BBC Children in Need


10.20 How To Win Over Parents With Stand-Out Social Media Campaigns! Levergae The Current Hottest Trends, Content & Platforms To Remain Reievent & Drive Conversions In The Digital Age

  • Harness the power of social data analytics to identify the latest popular social media trends for social strategies which resonate with parents for unstoppable/sky-rocketing sales
  • Create a brand presence on social media that is entertaining, interactive and authentic to boost recognition, engagement and trust and inspire purchasing
  • Leverage cookies, browsing history and user demographics to strategically target ads, content and offers towards parents and increase conversions
  • What do parents care about? Align parental interests with brand values to create social media presences which increase brand reputation
    With the drive towards ecommerce, how can we tangibly measure the positive impact of social media on ROI?

Gareth Turner, Head of Marketing, Weetabix

10.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

11.05 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

11.35 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


11.55 It’s The Parents With The Purchasing Power! Anticipate & Respond To Evolving Parent Behaviours & Expectations To Deliver Straight-To-Basket Products & Engaging Campaigns Which Resonate

  • How can you establish what is important to parents when parents come from all ages and backgrounds? Who are your key audiences and how can you tailor strategies by interest, values and age of child?
  • Effectively identify parents’ purchasing motives and maximise shopper data to shape future campaigns, embed brand values and foster parents’ loyalty
  • Beyond pester power… how can you authentically communicate the value your brand or products can add to kids’ lives and win over not just the children but their parents too?


12.15 Run It Past The Parents With An Exclusive Opportunity To Pose Those Burning Questions & Obtain Critical Insights

  • Discover directly what parents value most when choosing brands and products for their families


12.45 From Social Media Channels To Gaming: Navigate Ethical & Compliance Guidelines In The Digital Media Ecosystem For Fun, Engaging & Safe Online Engagement

  • From socialisation to entertainment, which online channels are kids gravitating towards?
  • How can we build safety into strategies when younger children are influenced by TikTok when it should be strictly 13+?
  • Teenagers: From TikTok to Insta, which social media platforms are ‘in’ right now and how can we cultivate responsible, yet on-trend social strategies which increase your reach and engagement?
  • The digital gatekeepers: win the support of parents by including safeguarding tools and parental controls in products to protect children’s online playtime safely
  • Determine which content is suitable for the age of your audience for digital strategies, content and campaigns which ensure safety and align with the current interests of your target audience
  • Transparency is key for guaranteed confidence with parents! Develop moderated digital content strategies for trusting parent relationships that place your brands as a frontrunner for responsibly protecting kids online

13.05 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

14.00 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Esra Cafer, Senior Vice President, Global Brand Manager, Entertainment One


14.15 The Stamp Of Parental Approval! Respond To Rising Concerns Amongst Kids & Parents Around Health & Wellbeing With Sensitive, Educational Campaigns & Welfare-First Product Design

  • With parents reaching out to Dr. Google on kids’ health, how can brands cut through the noise with factually-accurate and informative campaigns around health which mitigate fears, increase parental engagement and increase loyalty?
  • Mental health, wellbeing, education, socialisation… what are key concerns of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children and how can we support families?
  • In a cynical world, how can we communicate real benefits and convey authenticity around health and wellbeing claims to increase parental confidence and ensure you are their regular go-to
  • With kids’ online activity sky-rocketing, how can we respond to screen-time concerns and demands for increased offline play and social activities in a way that works for parents and actually encourages children away from the screen?

Alex Minzey, Head of Category Strategy, Yoplait


14.35 Understand What “Family Time” Means Now & Ensure Your Brand Appeals To All Family Portraits To Deliver Exciting Experiences & Lasting Family Memories

  • With more families recognising the value of spending quality time with kids, tap into experiences, interactivity and sociable rather than solitary play in products and campaigns
  • From Boomers to Gen Alpha… how can your brand create a fresh campaign to capture and inspire the interests of all generations in the family?
  • There is no one family make-up! Demonstrably increase visible inclusivity with a wide range of family dynamics in your campaigns and customer profiles

Mahesh Ramachandra, VP Digital Preschool, Entertainment One

Lucy Roberts, Head of New Business, Achieving for Children

Josh Davidson, Founder & Managing Director, Night Zookeeper

15.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


15.30 The Virtual Playground! What Are The Emerging Technologies Disrupting The Market & Powering Marketing & Engagement To The Next Level?

  • Explore ways in which family brands have successfully adopted AR, VR and other up-and-coming tech innovations to stay relevant in both the real and virtual playground!
  • Just what is the metaverse? Discover the value tapping into the metaverse can bring to your brand by with best practices and lessons learnt from those who have already taken the plunge
  • Demonstrate concrete kids’ safeguarding plans within this new, emerging tech world to engender trust

15.50 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

16.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


16.40 Create Show-Stopping, Market-Leading Campaigns Which Engage Kids & Parents Alike To Drive Interactivity & Sales

  • Best-practices and lessons learnt to build a strong and memorable cutting-edge campaign in a busy, ever-changing world
  • Video, podcasts, reels, TikTok dances… what is the content hitting the mark right now?
  • Stay woke! Ensure your brand stays relevant by recognising key social issues and improving inclusivity for consistent messaging about your brand for wide-spread brand loyalty
  • Develop a cost-effective and future-proofed formula to ensure that the content kids consume from your brand is always compliant

Hayley Moore Head of Brand & Marketing (Children’s), BBC Studios

Lana Quilty, Brand Marketing Manager, New Look

Ruth Irving, Marketing Director, Childs Farm

Rob Goodchild, Commercial Director, Aardman


17.10 Develop Responsible, Future-Proofed & Agile Marketing Strategies Which Keep Pace With Evolving Social Consciousness To Remain Relevant, Protect Your Brand’s Reputation & Maximise Customer Loyalty

  • With Greta Thunberg symbolising the seismic shift towards young social consciousness, how must we react as brands to implement real green initiatives with impact?
  • In a world of greenwashing, how can we communicate the complexity of our achievements to such a young demographic and their families?
  • It’s not just kids, from reusable nappies to “pre-loved” clothing and toys to recyclable food and drink packaging, to what extent are parents making purchasing decisions driven by the environment?

17.30 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Close Of Conference